Another Stuning Shiny!!! Gah I luv them to much!!!!

Ok I was breeding jolly H/A Chimchars w/ egg moves hoping for maybe a 3iv shiny one i could trade but –
Shiny Chimchar
5IV Attk-Def-SpAttk-SpDef-Speed
Iron fist
Jolly nature

Another beautiful shiny next to my joltik time to breed audinos !!! also Ill be trading off loads of pokemon off wondertrade every wednesday and have been doing so for a while so good luck!!


One Beautiful Shiny

Ok Finally got the mother of all shinies and one of my favorite pok√©mon ūüėÄ
Joltik Shiny
Timid Nature -Attk+Speed
My first Flawless shiny after only 81 eggs
Probably going to breed Hawluchas next

“Kewl” Shiny

Another Shiny Ralts this time it has the “Right Gender” for a the shiny I wanted here are its stats
Shiny Ralts
Nature; Jolly
4IV Attack-Sp. Attack-Sp.Def-Speed

Kind of ok w/ ralts missing the def stat considering his defenses are already a pitful 65 base. Its Hp is also pretty bad to start w/ to at a miniscule 68. It is alot better than the last one I’d hatched.

Shiny but NATURES ARE EVIL!!!!

I was Hatching ralts eggs w/ 3-6IVS and I got my hands on a shiny after only 713 eggs i was hoping for male ralts because I was breeding for jolly nature, but it was female, I was going to hunt for shiny female ralts with modest or timid after i got a jolly male ralts but anyways here the stats
31IV’s in Attack Defense Sp Attack Sp Defense
Jolly Nature
Lvl 1
I will trade off the litwicks in august due to this overbearing shiny hunt–
I will trade off ralts as compensation for now though!

mega banette laughs in the face of everything

Ok so Mega Banette is still a threat on Battlespot, Especially doubles-

A popular doubles strategy is to fake out so a strong doubles lead would be Ghost type and Banette than with Banette who is usually the most underestimated pok√©mon on a team you can burn a Pok√©mon which in the long run really can help as support not to mention if you can manage to burn 2 Poke’s and take another down w/ you.

The best thing about him is his ability Prankster, the bad thing is it doesn’t kick in until turn 2-

What I run On my Mega Banette

Gunk Shot

Acc-80 Pow-120 Type-Poison Attack

Base 120 Unexpected moves is a great answer especially w/ mega Banettes Sky High attack 165 base state into a 120 attack move is nothing to laugh at-

Shadow Claw

Acc 100 Pow 75 type ghost Attack

A STAB Move that has 100% Accuracy is always fun even if it does clock in slightly less than Gunk Shot it can do Chunks at a time to a unsuspecting opponent


acc-85 Pow N/A Type fire Status

A nice move to gain significant advantage over your opponent to and to render typical doubles pokémon such as Mega Kangashkan and Garchomp helpless  Also it becomes essiential because of its priority boost thanks prankster

Destiny Bond

Acc-100 PowN/A Type Ghost status

A annoying move to see- if your on the other side! Because of the priority boost it allows for a possible Banette w/ little to no HP left to take down any Pokémon that dare kills it!


So the moves wouldn’t seem so dangerous by themselves and the set is greatly impaired by Mega Banettes Horrible moveset yet here is how must battles go-

Turn 1) Burn on Opponents Pokémon

Turn 2 )Destiny Bond or Burn A second Pokémon

Turn 3) Destiny Bond or Attack with that monster attack stat-

Turn 4 and on!) Repeat Turn 3 until Banettes low on health hen Destiny bond a Pokemon down-

The idea is to get into a position where you can get to turn 3 and have their fate in the hands of your destiny bonds

Best Lead

Banette+  unexpected Special attacker/Mixed attacker w/ protect-like moves or ghost type

I.e Special Aegislash or Special Chestnaught do Fantastic. Gengar does fine w/ his clean coverage

This works because most people don’t expect the treat of Banette and tend to target the second Pokemon turn 1 so Spiky Shield or Kings shield is a great way to add a little fun to the game

In the wings it is nice/ practical to have

Fire type Pokémon and a Pokémon with Priority

I.e Infernape and Azzumaril are in great fit to clean up

With the right plays banette and your 2nd Pokémon can take out 3 Pokémon leaving the last one out numbered to a priority in case of earthquake and possible paralsis or burn move just in case :]


Goodra Luck to you all~ Taco




Sorry I wasn’t on this a few days ago but,….

CoroCoro Scan leaked 3 New Megas

Swampert & Sceptile to join in the party w/ mega Blaziken and Mega Diancie!


Today the E3 Video

One thing though- Each boss in the video has a mega stone hidden w/ their outfit- look at the team magmas boss glasses and Archie’s necklace both have the Mega Stone!

What do you think the team boss’s mega stones are going to be used for?

Thanks for reading Can’t wait for OR/AS release on 21st ~Taco