Double Question Sunday Questions Of the Day!


Well my first question Is do you like Question of the Day during times where I’m in the middle of Long Shiny Hunts? If not Give Ideas of something I can post when in a” Intense”(Not really) shiny hunting mind met! ūüėÄ

My second Question is what is your Favorite Eevee Eeveeoultion for Aesthetics and Looks and Which one is your Favorite Competitive Wise Comapre and contrast the different ¬†Eeveeloutions!~Taco ūüėÄ


3 responses to “Double Question Sunday Questions Of the Day!

  1. I quite like these Questions of the Day. You ask very good questions.
    My favourite Eeveelution would definitely be Jolteon; not only does it look cool but it also has high Speed for competitive battles.

  2. Great Answer for me the one I think looks the coolest would have to be Leafeon because he just looks so awesome yet has little to no competitive capability, Jolteon is my favorite competitively because he can pick up really good moves and can surprise Enemies with Non STAB moves also the speed of Jolteon helps too.

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