Nuzlocke failz- and a Glimmer of Hope

Well it’s official, I’ve lost all my nuzlockes

Pokemon Black2 Gym 6

Pokemon Y Gym 8

Pokemon platinum Gym 3

Actually wait for a second I still have one more chance in Pokemon Heartgold.

Yes it’s true I had started a Pokemon Heartgold Nuzlocke which so far is arguably the most fun I’ve ever had playing a Pokemon game. I’m at Gym 5 but I need to do some significant grinding after losing my starter and another prime member of the team to critical hits.

But for all you Nuzlocke Enthusiasts here are some tips

1. Scout levels before battling a Gym leader- Go to a documentation of what levels a Gym leaders Ace Pokemon is- I highly recommend  grinding your Pokemon a level or two above their ace before battling them.

2. Go slow- Notice little things collect every item and TM even if they’re irrelevant you can sell them in addition you’ll never know when something will come in useful

3. Grinding for levels- I spent 5 hours grinding levels for Pokemon so they’d be ready for morty’s Gym, the battle was quick and sweet but with out the grinding  that the battle would’ve also been quick and sweet— for the Gym leader I got a taste of luck when I battled bugsy with minimal grinding If it wasn’t for my double critical hits I would’ve lost.

4. Don’t be afraid to use a “Bad Pokémon” – What I learned through Nuzlockes is that every Pokémon has a potential no matter how weak paras became the Physical wall of my party and only died because of my ignorance.

5. Item stock – After and before a Gym Leader check for Potions for the gym leader and for the next route, Keep track of your PrizeMoney because that is crucial, Keep track of Pokeball in case you find a low catch rate Pokemon on the next route

6.Dont be afraid to skip route trainers- They’re generally weak and yield just a slight amount more than normal wild Pokemon and they have a lot of text and time wasting stuff+ you can always go back for more calculated EXP.

Shiny to end the Drought :D

Shiny riolu after 12 encounters in Xalbotross’s Friend safari- I was trying to find lucarios to IV breed So I could get a 5IV special sweeper Lucario then I found this little guy. The Irony in all this though is that he was adamant so yeah….. Akward Natures… I cant wait  to train him up :D

Pokemon X Nuzlocke Diary Entry #5- Mourning


After defeating gym leaders and Reconstructing my team around Sigilyph. I had a Team of Sigilyph(Poptart)- Skorupi(Mayhem)- Ampharos()-Barbaracle(Fluctuation)- Delphox(Earl) Well My team was something I was trying to put Sigilyph at a negative Priority because He was doing all the work and my other Pokemon kept becoming under-Leveled. Well that didn’t work my whole team kept relying on him I got so close to losing Mayhem and Barbarcle in  the gym then guess who came into swoop down and save our whole team thats Right the almighty Poptart. He was being a monster and destroying every trainer and w/ one hit KO’s we were gliding pretty until Olympia’s gym- the trainer right before Olympia  had a Jynx I sent Poptart and I came in and used Air slash and Jynx Clutched at what looked to be 2 HP it also came back w/ a vengeance to land a Critical-Stab-Supereffective Blizzard 1 hit Ko’ed Poptart and just to put Salt in the wound guess who survived a super-effective hit to return it w/ a one hit KO thats right Exegggutor used seed bomb to wipe that smile off of Barbaracle face. The hardest Death so far was by far Poptart I was so excited to use this single stage Pokemon to single handily shut down every single team w/ out trouble. I easily beat olympia w/ revenge fuel but still my team was dismantled w/ only Earl, Mayhem and DefintlyKnot a Snover I obtained at the past route and evolved into a Abomasnow. I kind of wish it was Earl who died instead because even though he was my starter he was lazy and usually never could battle by himself w/ out getting almost KO’ed.